1. Today is the first Sunday of Advent, one of the most beautiful times of the year, I think. We prepare everything for Christmas-our homes, our shopping lists, our menus…but our hearts? Eh not so much. We know the stories by heart, I mean I WAS baby Jesus in the live nativity at church and I still remember frantically memorizing “An angel appeared to them saying, ‘Do not be afraid…’” in preparation for my shaky voiced, velvet skirted, turtlenecked moment of fame in the yearly Christmas Eve service. But to actually sit down and look at the story…

    The theme of the first Sunday in Advent is Hope. If you really think about it, isn’t that was keeps us all going, even if you have no faith? The hope of a better tomorrow, of love or fame or something magical? If you have no hope, there isn’t much on this earth that will keep you satisfied for very long. If you think about all of the people of the Old Testament, who had to live their entire lives on faith and hope alone-they never got to see the Savior come to earth, they could only trust God’s promise that He would come to deliver His people-that’s tough. 

    One of the passages for today’s “theme” is Matthew 1:18-24, about how an angel appeared to Joseph and told him all that was about to go down and one of the most beautiful passages in the entire Bible I think: “And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call his name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.” BOOM. All the hope you could ever need right there. But what really gives me hope is the chapter before that verse. In the first chapter of Matthew, it lays out the genealogy of Christ, not nearly as many ‘begots’ as in earlier books, but still. Some of the names are the ones that are too hard so you just give them a good mumble. Or the ones that sound sneezy like ‘Achim’-bless you.

    But if you look closely and take some time to look at these people, you realize that Jesus (the Son of God, the only perfect man to walk this earth, who never got jealous or accidentally swore when he stubbed his toe or didn’t ever covet his neighbor’s way cool new donkey or NEVER DISOBEYED HIS PARENTS OR GRUMBLED) came from a long line of straight up sinners. In the first half of the chapter alone, we find murderers and adulterers, liars and harlots. That’s just in the first half. I don’t even know how to say Zerubbabel in verse 12, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t perfect either. God used these extremely imperfect people to bring “God with us” into the world. He used the worst of the worst to create a beautiful story with the happiest of endings. Which should give us hope that he can do something wonderful with us ‘cause sometimes we’re the worst too. Hope that He is using us to create a beautiful story that has the happiest eternal ending. Which is the best hope of all. 


  2. Took the radiator cover and made some pretty space today.



  4. The cold is upon us.

    The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder. And I am getting cold-er too.

    Sometimes I feel like I am just one big baseball glove that catches anything and everything. Here we are, the end of September, and I’m already sick. “You’re always sick,” my friends say. I AM always sick. One and a half days of a migraine, two days and one really bad night with a sore throat, and now, this morning I spent 5 minutes in front of the mirror poking my cheeks because I couldn’t feel them at all. That congestion, it’ll get ya.

    So I had to run a couple errands and decided to stop at the store for some cold medicine:                                                                                                                                              

    Like I’m in any condition to make a decision right now. Seriously, after realizing my full-length mirror works like a fun house mirror and spending another 5 minutes this morning using it to make myself look like a midget, I can’t be trusted to make a good decision in this aisle. 

    What I really want, is one box with a little glow around it that says: THIS IS THE ONE! I would buy it even if it ended up being filled with Skittles. I want to walk into a store and find a box that says:

    This product will:

    -Re-establish that filter your brain usually has. You know, the one you can’t find right now.

    -Make your face it’s normal shape again, because right now you’re a big puffy mess.

    -Help you enjoy eating once again. 

    -Clear up your nose so you can stop being a creepy mouth breather. 

    -Work in you just like what happens in that movie Osmosis Jones. It’s okay to be tired, there is a big cartoon war going on inside of you.

    I mean is that too much to ask? I think not. 


  5. Last night’s adventure. New favorite place.


  6. Spending the day with Cy Headcover. Cyclones in Connecticut!


  7. Forgot how good the ocean is for you.


  8. Knee deep in spreadsheets with this guy. #manly


  9. Sometimes you are a 23 year old girl hosting a “Try this kind of bacon I just made up” party in your “living room” aka the left side of the room divider bookshelf and you are the only person you invited to this party. And sometimes you think to yourself, “Does it get any better than this?”

    The answer is yes. It has to get better than this for sure. But right now? No. Right now it does not get better than this little self-bacon-party thing you’ve got going on.


  10. Think I could get a spot on the Food Network?

    Is it just me or was this short week one of the longest? There were only three days before bagel Friday, but each day seemed a million hours long. But today I got my cinnamon bagel with strawberry cream cheese and it kind of made up for it. A little bit. A lotta bit. It was really good.

    Anyway, tonight I tried to cook a little because I weenied out these last two nights (McDonald’s quarter-pounder and queso and chips which is probably the worst set of decisions anyone has ever made). And I don’t mean to whine but can I just say it is HARD to halve a recipe correctly without there being too much sauce or not enough water or it’s a little too runny or blahhhh. Can someone just eat this other half so I can make the whole thing and have it turn out normal?!

    In happier news, today I had to put on socks because I was CHILLY and that means it’s almost fall! I have to say, I am a fall girl at heart. Winter is pretty okay and spring is beautiful but I really don’t like summer, you know what I like? I like long sleeves. And I like cozy sweaters. And crunchy leaves and coats and sweatpants and hot chocolate and ahhhh I just can’t wait! Because fall means Halloween and I’m living in a neighborhood with kiddos to hand out candy to. And just happiness in general, ya know?

    Tomorrow I’m going to the Bronx Zoo with a few work friends and that is a whole lot of happiness too.